Exhibition Space

Exhibition booth Application Notice


1. Application Procedures

2. How to apply

– Submission deadline : Friday, June 23 2023, 4:00 PM (KST)
– Submission address : 2023wfdjeju@gmail.com (email submission)
– Required documents : 1 copy of common document, 1 copy of application for profit or non-profit, 1 copy of business registration certificate (ID number)

3. Purpose of the Exhibition

– It will be an exchange venue to promote the most advanced Korean Deaf culture and Korean deaf community to the World, and furthermore, it will be a place for development in various fields such as science, technology, and policy to improve the quality of life and welfare of the deaf.

– It will be a place of ideas where the deaf from all over the world can gather together to suggest / collect opinions on what is lacking in life and communirt of the deaf, it also can be a place that promoting products that can improve life quality of the deaf, and receiving direct feedbacks from on-site visitors.

– As the event is organized by the Korean Association of the Deaf, the only representative organization of the Deaf in Korea, it will be an opportunity to build lasting relationships with Deaf Koreans that go beyond a one-time exhibition.

– It is expected to showcase artworks that designed and produced by the deaf in Korea to the deaf from overseas and sharing the meaning of artworks with them, creating a place of harmony between the deaf in Korea and the deaf from overseas.

– Sharing educational policies for the deaf and the way forward with real-life examples to pursue the practical development of the deaf community.

4. Extra Benefits

1) Providing publicity to exhibitors through domestic and overseas media
2) Enterprise Promotion in Program Book
3) Able to select the desired location in the order of deposit (*Base: Deposit date)

5. Exhibition booth configuration

6. Payment and Refund information

1) Payment Period

Payment Period
Advance Payment (Entry Fee 50%) Within one week of submission date of the application
Balance Deadline: Friday, June 23 2023 (KST)

2) Payment Methods
*We recommend you to pay by PayPal. Because the bank transfer takes time to check.

①Bank Transfer (It will take at least a week to confirm)

Name of Bank SHINHAN
Account No. 180 – 012 – 669948
Account Holder Korea Association of the Deaf

Account : 2023wfdjeju@gmail.com
*Please let me know the completion of the deposit payment by the email after the deposit so that we can check. We have no responsibility for any disadvantages caused by not sending an email to us.

3) Cancellation charge

Cancellation Time Cancellation by 4 p.m. on JUNE 23st (KST) Cancellation after 4 p.m. on JUNE 23st (KST)
Amount Refund 50% of the Payment 100% non-refundable

7. Precautions

1) Application documents and deposit must be completed.

2) Counting first-come, first-served by deposit made date, not application submission date (40 booths / Individual contact will be made if your application is accepted.)

3) Please fully understand the payment and penalty details.

4) Contact : Hyesuk (Hailey) Bang
email : 2023wfdjeju@gmail.com
WhatsApp :

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