Call for application – International Sign Interpreters Coordinator

The XIX World Congress of the World Federation of the Deaf will be organised by the Korea Association of the Deaf(KAD), between 11 July – 15 July 2023, in Jeju, Korea. The Congress theme, “Securing Human Rights in Times of Crises” aims to upholding deaf people’s human rights and promoting equality under the circumstance of different crises.

The Organising Committee of the World Congress (OCWC) is opening an International Sign Interpreters Coordinator position. The International Sign Interpreters Coordinator will be an individual who has experience and knowledge of interpreting needs for the Congress and also has experience in the scheduling of interpreters for conferences at the international level.

The International Sign Interpreters Coordinator will work closely with the OCWC, the Congress Liaison Officer (CLO), the Commission Coordinator and the National Sign Language Interpreters Coordinator.


The duties would include the following:

Prior to the Congress

o Prepare the Call for International Sign Interpreters for approval by the OCWC.

o Screen International Sign Interpreters for recommendation to WFD for Congress employment.

o Liaise with the WFD Commission Coordinator to determine the number of International Sign Interpreters required to meet programme needs.

o Liaise with and provide regular information updates to the contracted International Sign Interpreters leading up to the Congress.

o Respond to enquiries from contracted International Sign Interpreters and OM Interpreters

o Schedule International Sign Interpreters following programme needs.

o Liaise with the National Sign Language Interpreters Coordinator to plan the orientation and training day for interpreters.

o In cooperation with the National Sign Language Interpreters Coordinator, run the orientation and training day for interpreters.

During the Congress

o Advise on technology, sound and lighting relevant to interpreting at the Congress venue.

o Coordinate International Sign Interpreters and their schedules, making adjustments and filling last-minute requests as necessary.

o Liaise with the National Sign Language Interpreters Coordinator on an ongoing basis.

o Liaise with International Commission Presidents, Presenters and Congress Staff to ensure all needs are met.

o Prepare input regarding International Sign Interpreters for the final Congress report.

After the Congress

o Convene debriefing meeting/s for all Interpreters.

o Write the final Congress report regarding International Sign Interpreters


o Other duties as agreed and needed.


The International Sign Interpreters Coordinator will also collaborate with the WFDCLO on issues related to Congress programme planning and scheduling, social activities and other relevant matters.



International Sign proficiency and fluency in written English are required. Working knowledge of additional sign languages and/or written languages are an asset.



The position starts February 1, 2023. The position is until 15 August 2023. The mission before the congress will be part-time (to be agreed upon) and full-time from 8 to 15 July 2023. The position will be remote until 7 July 2023 with the possibility of travel on site. The position will be done on site in South Korea (Jeju) from 8 to 16 July 2023. The coordinator will be arriving on site on 7 July 2023(one day prior to the General Assembly Workshop) and leaving on 17 July 2023 (two days after the closing ceremony). These dates are subject to change.


To Apply:

o Deadline to apply: 27 December 2022 23:59(KST)

(Applications received after the closing date will not be accepted)

o Send your CV and your letter of motivation to

The letter of motivation can be written English(one page maximum) or in video in International Sign (3 minutes maximum).

o Notification by email: 9 January 2023



Application > review the resume > interview* (online zoom) > notification

*Date of interview(TBD)


Salary and working hours will be determined according to the negotiation with the selected candidates.


Contact: If you have any questions, please contact to

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